Our Forthcoming Function – Krishna Janamashtami – Saturday, September 5, 2015 – 6pm to Midnight

Our forthcoming function at the temple is Krishna Janamashtami on Saturday, September 5, 2015 from 6pm to Midnight. Please join us in the Pooja, ongoing bhajans and an Aarti at Midnight.

Please note the temple will be open from 9am to midnight on the Janamashtami day. There will be Vrat ka khana for those keeping a fast. The Preeti Bhojan (Dinner) will be served by Nand Kumar & Erich Fussl.

Baalmandir Activity: On this special occasion Baalmandir will have a special Janamashtami craft for the kids and also do the Dahi Handi (Matki) fun activity starting at 7:30 pm. We would like to see all (kids and parents) dressed up as Krishna(s) and Radha(s). Parents please bring your cameras to capture adorable Krishna and Radha!! For the last week of summer vacation it will be nice to see Rasa lila, dance and drama of the life of Krishna (max 1-2 min) performances by kids/adults dances etc. for this festival. Please bring your song on your phone, come in time and do bring your kids!

Our Forthcoming Function – Raksha Bandhan – Saturday, Aug 29th, 2015 – 6:30pm

Our forthcoming function in the temple is Raksha Bandhan on Saturday, Aug 29th, 2015 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm followed by preeti bhojan. Please join us in the Bhajans (Chanting), Aarti and dinner. The Preeti Bhojan (dinner) will be served by Sondagar family & Sahasrabudhe family.

On this special occasion, Baal Mandir will be organizing a wonderful activity for kids starting at 7pm. So please do come in time and bring your family!

Cultural & Arts Festival of India 2015 – Temple’s Open House – Saturday Aug 22 and Sunday Aug 23

Cultural & Arts Festival of India 2015
Saturday Aug 22 and Sunday Aug 23

Please note the revised schedule / changed dates for temple’s open house. Its been changed to Saturday Aug 22 and Sunday Aug 23. All other details are still the same and more to follow soon, stay tuned:

Every year, during summer, the Victoria Hindu Temple opens it doors to the greater Victoria community to participate and be part of the Cultural & Arts Festival of India. This year we will be celebrating this festival on  Saturday Aug 22 and Sunday Aug 23.

This year our theme is Fairs, Festivals and Food! Along with dazzling classical and folk dances, melodious music and crafts we will showcase a variety of interactive activities such as a photo booth, sari and turban tying, mehendi, bollywood dance lessons, etc. Also, we will be creating a delicious Indian street food experience showcasing various food items popularly sold outside restaurants!

We are looking for enthusiastic performers for the Cultural programs and stage shows. If you would like to participate or you would like to choreograph a dance or be part of a musical group please contact Sri Ganti at 250.721.2672 (sri_ganti@hotmail.com) or Jayakanth Iyer at 250.382.0329 (lathikajay@gmail.com).

To make it an extremely successful and enjoyable event we need tons of volunteers. As you know loads of preparation and efforts are needed to organize such big events. Some of the many exciting areas for volunteering include Photo booth, Sari/turban tying, Mehendi (Henna), Astrology, Artifacts, Palm reading, Vedic architecture, Cooking demos, Spices table, Food serving, Cleaning, Handicrafts, Raffles and dance lessons. If you can help out in any way, please contact Nainesh Agarwal at 250-384-4212 or nainesha@yahoo.com.

We are also looking for Artifacts, clothing (gently used, washed and properly folded ) and handicrafts for the Handicrafts table. Many of our members donated clothing, jewelry, art collections and many other items last year, resulting in outstanding sales and net revenue to the temple. For donation of these items specifically please contact Krishna Sharma at 250.721. 2222 or  krissharma22@yahoo.ca.

We look forward to your help and support in making this our best cultural show and fund raising event ever. We hope to see maximum participation from you all at the Cultural & Arts Festival of India 2015!